Can Carreres / Montpalau / Sant Jaume / Pineda de Mar

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Can Carreres / Montpalau / Sant Jaume / Pineda de Mar

The highest point of Can Carreres (residential area in Pineda-Calella) is at about 406 meters high and with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the coast that surrounds the villages of the Maresme. We will begin descending along the path that leads us to see el Turó de Montpalau, what once was a medieval fortification. A path that allows us to see Pineda in all its glory. In the background, the Montagut tower (Santa Susanna) and the Castle of Sant Joan (Blanes).

We will head towards the stream and before crossing to the left we can see a lime kiln, when we cross it, we will be able to see the mill of Can Marquès where there are also the grinders that rotated. Then we will find the point of the Iron fountain. We will cross a small bridge and along a path and we come out opposite what was once the quarry of Montpalau (sewage treatment plant). We will be next to the stream, and we will go uphill so we can put our MBT bikes to the test, so we climb the path of Can Cornet.

At the beginning of Pineda, the bell tower of the Baroque church of Santa Maria will be in front of us. We will continue along Ciutadans and Major Streets, enjoying their views and the buildings of the Modernist and Noucentist style. We will go down Calle del Mar, letting the sea breeze touch our face. Finally, we will cross the railway line and finish this wonderful route on the beach of Pineda de Mar.

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Technical data:

Can Carreres / Montpalau / Sant Jaume / Pineda de Mar
Distance: 13.500 meters
Approximate time: 1:10 h