Tres Termes / Pla Sant Andreu / Pineda de Mar

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Tres Termes / Pla Sant Andreu / Pineda de Mar

This route is ideal to get to know the heritage and history of Pineda de Mar. We start at Tres Terms, on the border between the territories of Calella, Tordera and Pineda. We enter between holm oaks and pine trees in the direction of the Pineda stream where we can observe the wild boar and fox trail on the roadside. With the wheels on the asphalt, we will fall in love with the beauty of the stream on the right bank. We will be able to see the first antiquity of the past of Pineda in the Mill of Can Marquès (14th century). On the other side of the stream there is the lime kiln. Then we turn to the left going to the Iron Fountain area, crossing a small bridge, we will come out in front of the Montpalau quarry (wastewater treatment plant).
At this point on the path, the stream accompanies us to our left and we will observe the Roman aqueduct that, years ago, took water from the stream to the plain. We will put our MBT, to the test climbing the Can Cornet path. Surrounded by crop fields on the left and on the right. Then the bell tower of the Baroque church of Santa Maria (17th century) will appear before us.
We will follow the route through the streets that have been part of Pineda for many years. All the buildings have a Modernist and Noucentist style and some gothic details, such as Enric Benet (located on Carrer Major) or the Gothic wayside cross (14th century) that protected the territory and gave spiritual protection. We continue along Camí de Mar taking advantage of this path to enjoy the good views. We will finish the route crossing the railway track, arriving at the wonderful beach of Pineda de Mar.

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Technical data:

Distance: 14.200 meters
Approximate time: 1:20 h