Old town center


Old town center

Pineda de Mar and its town center, better known as La Pobla de Sa Buada, was gradually built since the 12th century next to the Camí Ral, located very close to the church. A small grouping was created corresponding to the present day streets carrer Major, Ciutadans, Sant Antoni and the square Plaça de Catalunya. We also find some thirty houses aligned, thus forming a street on each side of the ancient Roman road.

Towards the fifteenth century festivities, when the civil war had already ended, the population began to increase and the embryonic urban centre of Sa Buada, now known as Pineda. Then it began its expansion and a remarkable change in its structure.

By this time the Camí del Mar was opened, which made the communication with the coast much easier and through which the supply of grain and livestock was received. In 1497, a deed signed at the notary of Can Coll, expressed that the lords of Montpalau established the permission to circulate on the new road, which was restricted to the inhabitants of Pineda, Sant Pere de Riu, Vallmanya and Hortsavinyà.