Beach for dogs. All year round!

Beach for dogs.

If you want to enjoy the beach with your pet in Pineda you can do it in a regulated manner.

The beach for dogs is located in Poblenou with about 100 linear meters.

It is an area which is open 365 days a year, without time restrictions and, in theory, with free access for everyone, both for dog owners in Pineda de Mar and for people from other towns who want to come.

We are very pleased to satisfy an increasing demand that came from citizens and visitors to our destination. To promote coexistence, informational signs will be installed with the rules that must be followed, more bins will be placed around, and the cleaning of this stretch will be intensified. Below you can download the rules that are to be followed.

normatives platja gossos pineda de mar

The Council of Tourism of Pineda de Mar is working on this and other facilites to ensure the service and meet the needs of everyone who wants to enjoy our destination.

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