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The origin of the giants in Pineda de Mar is found at the beginning of the 1980s, when the town of Poblenou commissioned Josep Cardona, “Nona”, the construction of a giant couple, Dragut i la Pineda. The male giant represented a pirate, one of those who habitually besieged the town in medieval times, and the female giant, a girl from the town.

Guerau I and L’Ermessenda are currently the giants of Pineda. Both figures represent a medieval couple: Guerau I, Lord of Cabrera, and Ermessenda de Montsoriu, Viscountess of Girona, who lived during the 12th century and were lords of the territory that ran from the county of Girona to the Caldes stream. In 1113 they took possession of the barony of Montpalau and its castle. This barony included the parishes of Arenys, Sant Iscle, Sant Cebrià, Hortsavinyà, Vallmanya, Sant Pere de Riu and, undoubtedly, our town, Pineda de Mar.

In Pineda we also have the Gegantons (smaller giants) and they are called Pinet, Raquel and Dauna.

The Capgrossos (the people with big heads), who delight the little ones, are El Bomber, El Català and El Negro.

The Giants and grallers (people who play the “gralla”, a woodwind instrument) of Pineda are present in all the major events of the town.

Organized by:
Colla de Geganters i Grallers de Pineda de Mar

In collaboration with:
Pineda de Mar town hall