Carnival parade

Destacada, Family, Leisure


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Carnival parade

The Carnival King leads the parade, which will begin at 11 am from the Promenade, with the gathering of floats and comparsas (groups of singers, dancers and musicians). When the parade finishes, the XIP (Xarxa Initiatives Pinedenques, Network of Initiatives for Pineda) will serve the traditional escudella (typical Catalan soup or stew). It is predicted that around 4,000 bowls will be served.

Dates when it is held / timetable:
February 2018, Sunday morning

Location of the activity:
Route: Promenade from the green tree to the train station (gathering of floats). Av. Montserrat, Barcelona, Comtal, Arpelles, Pl. Riera Llorca, Santiago Rossinyol, Jaume I, Pl. del Pi, Ptge. Pare Coll, Pl. Mèlies.

Organized by:
City Council of Pineda de Mar and XIP (Xarxa Initiatives Pinedenques).