The new Tourism Office

The new Tourism Office

A year ago, a project was started to renovate the ground floor of the Pineda de Mar town hall in order to locate the new tourist office for our destination.

The propositions were based on creating an open space with screens with interactive content and an information desk. After a year of work, this tourist office is a reality and we have succeeded in capturing the evolution of Pineda de Mar over the course of history, as well as giving information about the points of interest and cultural and leisure activities that go on in the town.

Oficina de turisme Pineda de Mar

The new Tourism Office of Pineda de Mar has different informative and interactive elements that make it unique within the Spanish tourism sector. It combines audio-visual elements that generate an experiential WOW effect and a brand record with solutions that record visitors’ flows and behaviour.

Among the elements installed in the office you can find large format video walls with augmented reality, which allow the visitor to interact, informative totems that allow you personally to consult itineraries, obtain data about the town or access gastronomic and cultural offers, etc., available in the town and even enable you to send interactive postcards and share them on social networks.


Nobody would have imagined that a tourist office had a space dedicated to children, in which they can participate in different digital games that help them to learn the different symbolic elements of the town. A certified destination in Family Tourism that offers elements clearly aimed at children.

In Pineda de Mar, we understand and know that there is a paradigm shift in our tourism offices. This is a need that soon, and increasingly, tourists and visitors will begin to demand, and since many private companies in the sector go one step ahead, Pineda de Mar can not be left behind and has turned this challenge into a destination opportunity.

From the tourist office itself, we want to offer value with tourist information of an innovative quality to align the physical and digital world and generate a differentiated experience to the visitors so that they become real protagonists.

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