Life in Pineda

Pineda de Mar, beach and much more … close to Barcelona

Town in the Mediterranean

Pineda de Mar is located in an enviable environment, between the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra del Montnegre. It’s an authentic Mediterranean village with a seafaring tradition. Of clear Mediterranean climate, the marine breezes that are framed in the mountains temper the hot summers and warm the mild winters, achieving a perfect climate all year round, to enjoy with the family, the nature and the most popular traditions.


Human activity has moulded the landscape over the centuries. Pineda has been transformed, from a town of vineyards and olive groves arranged in terraces to fields of cultivation and new buildings. The mosaic is diverse but attractive and there are plenty of animal and vegetable species that, without a doubt, have found in Pineda, as the main entrance to the Parc del Montnegre, an ideal setting.


Pineda de Mar is a seaside town, with strong and ingrained traditions. It is a friendly town to live in, nice to visit and nice to enjoy.

Our neighbour and friend, Eduard Punset, once said he had decided to come to live in Pineda de Mar because it has “the friendliest town in the region”: because it is by the sea, but also by the mountains; because it’s close to Barcelona, ​​but it’s quiet; because it is a town designed for families, but with the offer of great cultural and leisure; Because, in short, you can find everything you need (good weather, beach, shops, restaurants, leisure …).


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Pineda offers a wide range of options for children to enjoy, a few days of rest and fun.

Coastal town

Pineda de Mar is a quiet seaside village, with a seafaring tradition, located in a privileged enclave of the Costa de Barcelona, ​​between the blue of the Mediterranean and the green of the Natural Park of Montnegre.

The proximity and easy access to the cities of Barcelona and Girona make it more attractive for visitors.

Certified family tourism

Taking advantage of our privileged location, between the sea and the mountains, halfway between Barcelona and the Costa Brava, Pineda de Mar offers its visitors a wide range of tourist services: more than 8,000 hotel, camping and apartment places that are complemented by lots of proposals and activities designed for the whole family, such as the music and theatre events that have become referents in their field.

Live Pineda!

Visitors can stroll along our beaches, practice all kinds of sports, enjoy with family all the exclusive and free services offered by Pineda like the beaches, the Baby Centre or the Mini Beach Club, walk and discover the Montnegre Natural Park, enter the origins of Pineda through the guided routes or simply enjoy the terraces of the bars and restaurants, the parks and the streets of a charming village.

Discover the proximity of the shops, trade and craft fairs.

Beach in family

Pineda de Mar is proud of its brand, “Family Beach”, which guarantees that you have a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities to improve and facilitate your stay in families.

From its origins Pineda de Mar has obtained from the land and the sea products of great gastronomic value (fish, orchards, strawberries, …) that can be sampled in its wide range of restaurants.

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