Route to the Iron Spring (Font del Ferro)

Natura, Rutes de muntanya

Route to the Iron Spring (Font del Ferro)

Starting point:

Church of Pineda de Mar

Arrival point: 

Church of Pineda de Mar

Distance: 6,5km

Duration: approximately 1h30’


Follow the orange markers that indicate

“Ruta a la Font del Ferro”. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and carry some drinking water with you.


Circular route that goes through urban environments and Mediterranean forests with various points of interest and views of the municipality. Its difficulty is moderate, making it suitable for children, although you will have to be particularly careful along Ctra. of Hortsavinyà.

Route: it starts at the Church, then it conti-nues through the residential area of Pinemar, where the path crosses the forest and ends on Ctra. of Hortsavinyà, finally leading back to the Church.

Points of Interest:

1 Church

2 Can Jalpí (a former traditional country house)

3 Lookout

4 Aqueduct

5 Roman Road

6 Iron Spring (Font del Ferro)

7 Roman aqueduct arch

8 Flour watermill

9 The devil’s bridge (“Pont del Diable”), which

crosses la Riera (a stream)

10 Pine tree from Can Cànoves, which has been declared “Tree of Local Interest” in 1996 and whose trunk circumference is 4.19m.

11 Masia de Can Tapiola

12 La Rectoria Vella (traditional country houses)