Can Jalpí (former notary)


Can Jalpí (former notary)

The Can Jalpí farmhouse, also known as Mas Coll or Can Gualba, is an old farmhouse that was acquired during the seventies by the town of Pineda de Mar and has been restored and rehabilitated to be able to be used for socio-cultural activities.

Documented since the 14th century, the farmhouse was owned by the Coll family. This one obtained from the viscounts of Cabrera the notary with exclusive right to the entire territory of Montpalau, and kept it until beginnings of the 18th Century. After the attack of Turkish privateers in Pineda (1545), the notary Jaume-Joan Coll, was captured and later released. Therefore, in 1561 a defence tower was constructed in the house. In the middle of the 17th century, the Coll family became associated with the Gualbes family, who belonged to the bourgeoisie of Barcelona, and the following century with the Jalpí (knights of Arenys de Munt). It was in 1925 when August de Borràs-Jalpí sold the farmhouse to the Feliu family (from Arenys de Mar).

This farmhouse has a rectangular floor plan with a main façade parallel to the road, with a taller body on the left side where the defence tower was. It has a double-pitched roof. Its keystone arch has a small shield on its side. We can see that there are two windows with gothic decoration in the façade.