The Meeting of Vehicles of Security and Emergency Bodies

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The Meeting of Vehicles of Security and Emergency Bodies

The Meeting of Vehicles of Security and Emergency Bodies is celebrated at the end of January. This 2018 will be the fourth edition. In the meeting of emergency vehicles and security bodies there are exhibitions, information and entertainment activities, children’s adventure circuit and rescue simulations. Attendees can enjoy throughout the day of various activities and exhibitions, in the morning they can see the rescue helicopter landing, simulations of intervention of sanitary equipment, deactivation of devices, marine rescue ambigesos … Durant During the whole day we find different adventure circuits, tirolines, the road education classroom of the Local Police of Pineda, a resuscitation workshop (RCP) organized by the Red Cross, and the Blood Bank’s Mobile Unit for donations, a whole range of new experiences for adults and children.

In this meeting, the Security Bodies and Emergency Bodies are to show their endowments and their resources, and what is their operation in the face of emergencies and civil protection situations. Also participating will be members of the EMU (Military Emergency Unit), High Mountain Hunters and Maritime Rescue, staff of the Emergency Medical System (SEM), Generalitat Fire Brigade, Local Policies, Police of Andorra , Gendarmerie of France, Mossos d’Esquadra, Civil Guard, National Police (CNP), Red Cross, Rural Agents, DYA and Forest Defense Groups (ADF). At the meeting you can see ambulances, both Advanced Vital Support Units (SVA), such as Basic Vital Support Units (SVB), Light Firefighting Vehicles, Rapid Speed ​​Intervention Vehicles (VIR), Campaign Hospitals, Multipurpose and Logistics Vehicles and Police and Rescue Dog Units, among other resources.