Bobbin Lace-Making Meetup

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Bobbin Lace-Making Meetup

More than 200 bobbin lace-makers in Pineda

A meeting that gathers more than 200 bobbin lace-makers from all over Catalunya and from Maresme in particular. The meetup is in the morning in Plaça de les Mèlies (Mèlies Square), where you can see some innovative work with bobbins, such as pictures and jewels. It is organised by the Association Amics del Pubillatge (Friends of Pubillatge).

Dates when it is held / timetable:
Month of June (Sunday)

Location of the activity:
Plaça Mèlies (Mèlies Square)

Organised by:
Friends of Pubillatge

In collaboration with::
City Council of Pineda de Mar