The Amateur National Theatre Show

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The Amateur National Theatre Show

In dozens of open and enclosed spaces within the town, such as the new Auditorium of Pineda and the stages of the Recreational Cultural Centre of Pineda (Sala Gran, Sala Tivoli and Multipurpose Room), as well as various multipurpose facilities in Pineda, such as the Can Comas building (patio and auditorium), Espai Taller, Espai Mèlies-Sara Llorens and a large tent that is installed in the Plaza de España.

Performances on the street are free. For the rest of the performances on the different stages, the ticket price is 3 euros for each, with the possibility of acquiring a four-day ticket for “La Mostra” for 10 euros.

La Mostra de Pineda brings together around seventy amateur theatre groups that offer about eighty performances in different formats and theatrical genres, over a week. The Amateur National Theatre Show has been consolidated as one of the main meeting venues for amateur or non-professional theatre companies in Catalonia. The actors and companies have a great window to showcase their works. They complement the show with parallel activities, such as interviews with the actors and renowned theatrical directors.

Dates it is celebrated / schedule:
29 april to 1 of May

Schedule and program:

Organized by:
The Pineda de Mar Town Council, the Cultural and Recreational Centre of Pineda de Mar and the Federation of Amateur theatres of Catalonia.

With the collaboration of:
Diputació de Barcelona and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya