Psychobilly Festival

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Psychobilly Festival (postponed to 2022)

The Psychobilly meeting festival, is co-organized by the Just for Fun Musical Association, and the Pineda de Mar Town Hall. The next edition in 2022 will be the #28.2th anniversary, although in Pineda it has only been held since 2008. The program of activities and the show of events usually consists of seven days where different events are offered with the intention that people who attend as public have a good time in Pineda de Mar. It should be noted that there is no other festival in the world in this genre, and even less, that the music offered is complemented by a tourist offer, taking advantage of the privileged enclave. It is important to know what psychobilly is in order to understand its importance: Psychobilly was born in the United Kingdom in the 80’s, as a fusion of rockabilly made in the 50’s and the new styles that appear, for example, punk. Over the years it has evolved and today it continues to do so by taking other types of influences such as pop, metal and other music, in short, we could say that it is the rockabilly of today. Normally the formations are trios of guitar, bass and drums but many times two guitars are used. The Psychobilly Festival is number 1 worldwide, in its genre. It is significant the fact that there is no other festival in the world in this genre that is so important and varied, taking advantage of the privileged geographical location of the town.

Dates it is celebrated :
From the 5nd of July to the 12th of July 2022

Afternoon and evening

Other activities:
Throughout the day at different locations in Pineda de Mar

****free bus service for those attending the concerts

Organitzed by:
Just For Fun

Pineda de Mar Town Hall