Festivity of the sea

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Festivity of the sea

Festivity of the sea is organized by the Marpi association, it is celebrated in the middle of July on Pineda’s Fisherman’s beach (in front of the train station).

In the morning, starting at 10 o’clock, there is rowing boat race with participants coming from all different parts of Catalonia (Badalona, Arenys, Calafell, Cambrils, etc.).

After the race and the awards ceremony, a “fideuà” (A traditional Catalonian dish of noodles and seafood) is prepared for the participants and the public that want to join.

In the afternoon after 6 pm. there are performances of theatre, music, etc. performed by the actors and musicians of the Esplai Mediterrània de Pineda, and from 8 pm. sardines are served to the participants along with burned rum and Habaneras are sung, the party lasts until midnight.

Dates it’s celebrated/schedule:

Location of the activity:
Fisherman’s beach

Organized by:
Marpi Association

In collaboration with:
Pineda de Mar Town Hall