Autumn Cuisine

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Autumn Cuisine

The Maresme is a region which is rich in local products, this is shown by the different gastronomic days that are organized throughout the year, testimony to the richness and variety of the culinary culture of the region. The autumn cuisine of the Maresme has a tradition of mushrooms and this is clearly evident in our restaurant menus.

Mushrooms evoke great passion in our region and among hikers and tourists who visit us. We are a territory faithful to this gastronomic event and each year the establishments of Pineda (restaurants, butchers, delicatessens, bakeries and pastry shops) offer their specialties with the different varieties of mushrooms. Also, around the whole region, fairs, exhibitions and talks related to the culture of the mushroom are organized. Just the Maresme alone has catalogued more than 700 species.